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driveline question

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so ever since i did the 5 speed swap on the 620 when i get goin around 65-70mph i get a vibration in the driveline that i never got before with the automatic.


now when i pulled the driveline, i only took out the short section that goes from the trans to the carrier bearing. i left the rest of the driveline connected to the rear diff.


now my question is, does the driveline need to be put back the same way it came apart? like is there a certain way the driveline has to be clocked to made it balance out right?


any help would be great!



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well it wasnt the driveline that was causing the vibration. my exhaust was layin on the carrier bearing crossmember and when i got to that certain rpm around 65-70mph it would vibrate and resonate in the cab real bad.


so i put a better hanger on the exhaust, and now no more vibration!

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