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E85 and 12.5 psi

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Vern at Raver Motorsports setup the AEM EMS to activate the secondary injector control ,after a bit of street tuning the car is boosting to the 12.5 psi wastegate spring. The car feels stupid fast with the E85 , according to the datalogg everything checks out OK. Next it will be heading to the dyno to finalise the high boost tune and plumbing and tuning the nitrous (should be a minor/ major) PITA.




The 14 injectors.




There is actually some room behind a 510 glove box, mounted a fuse box for the secondary injector control and associated items.



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"No intercooler 510Six? "


The fuel is the intercooler, the datalog shows a 60* drop in air temps from two of the eight 1600cc injectors in the intake piping. On each runner a 1600cc injector provides fuel for each cylinder further cooling the mixture.


The fuel under boost is 100% E85 which has a higher latent heat of evaporation than gasoline , which while not as good as methanol still works quite well.

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510six how much less prone to detonation is E85? I want some for my car :)


Than premium octain gasoline? Well "true" E85 is 105 octain with double the ability to take heat out of the intake charge than gasoline. A fuel system has to be properly setup to run E85 , no raw aluminum or steel as alcohol will cause corrosion in both of these materials.


Unless you are planning on running really high compression (over 11 to 1) or a turbo motor, gasoline is really the better option.


A good link.


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