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W58 Head on L16 ???

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So I picked up an engine and tranny to put in my dime untill i get everything for a swap and its a 1600 with a w58 head my buddy said he was told it was built. why would someone use a w58 head on a L16 and it still has the metal liners in the head

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nothing really wrong with it just that it has a open round exhaust port.


Should have a round exh manifold also But some one said you coul run one or the other on the exhaust But better to get more info on that from somebody else. Maybe by chance its a cloled chamber head but I though 99% where open chamber.


I bet he put the head on cause it was FREE!!!!!!!


But it does have the bigger valves and intake ports campared to a puny 210 stamped head, but if open chamber youll loose compression.


I had a round chamber short tube header but sold it.

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this is why...


maybe it was re-built... :lol:




refer to the 'honest seller' thread


I got the motor webber carb, header and 5 speed for free so its not like im loosing anything here i was just wondering if there was an advantage to it?

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