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My 240Z project fund...parts for sale

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It is time to get started on funding my 1973 240Z project. I have a bunch of stuff to sell or trade for what I need. As always I am only after what I need to complete my project.


The first thing I am going to do is rebuild the motor....so I know what is done and that it is done right.


What I need:


complete engine gasket kit = 79.00- autozone


L24 piston rings = 59.00- shucks


Timing chain / tentioner = aprox 45.00- rockauto


L24 rod and crankshaft bearings = aprox 80.00- rockauto


Beer = what ever it takes. lol :D


It looks like a total cost with incidentals, around = 300.00....this is what I need to rebuild my motor. About the same as the L16 I did.



Oh, and I also want a front air dam and rear spoiler and flares. ;)


If you have one... an E88 head from a 1970-1972 L24, not the 1973 E88 emission head.


So...here is what I have to sell or trade. :D ALL PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING ;) I am bringing these items to Canby if I still have them, if you see something you need send me a PM and we can work it out.


I have a very nice 240Z dash the only damage is the crack you see on the top.- complete with guages = $200.00 obo








Radiator..I still have to test it and clean it up. = $25.00 if it is good




A complete 240Z A/C system...don't know if it works. = $50.00






I also have a dinosaur Skeleton... :lol:


Anything there you need?? make an offer.







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are you coming to the meet and greet if so bring it with you so i can see it


When and where is that?? sorry, I don't get out much. lol


Nevermind..I found your thread. I will see what I can to. :)

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Some truck guy (airbagged) should want that YORK compressor REAL bad!!


Some people use the OEM A/C compressor for their vehicle. Mounting and belt routing are easy, because the factory brackets are available with the compressor from a junk yard. Most people, however, use the York-style A/C compressors used by AMC, Ford, Volvo, Porsche, IH, and Oldsmobile in the '70's and early '80's. These have an advantage over other compressors in that they have a separate, internal oil reservior, while other compressors are lubricated by the freon in the A/C system. Without freon, they require an inline oiler for lubrication. The Yorks also have a long history of reliable performance and high-capacity output.

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I tested the radiator today and it is good. :) No leaks.


I also cleaned up the rest of the items the best I could. Any takers?? I have some cool stuff to sell and the proceeds go to a good cause.... my 240Z project. :D


I will have the flat tops for sale in the near future after I put my round tops on....BTW, so if you are interested in them let me know.

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how long is that driveshaft? wonder if it will work for my goon


Not sure, I can measure it tomorrow. It is from a 1972 240Z if that helps?? I will post the size when I measure it. :cool:

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Sales Pending.....




suspension parts and rear end parts.


I will post if they they don't sell. :D:D I am getting close to having what I need to really get this project going. AWESOME!!!!

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