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KA and Z24 rods


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Had some time today and, well... idle hands....


Noticed that the KA24E piston is held in with circlips and is a fully floating set up. I pulled the clips and tapped the wrist pin out. No press needed. The piston pin hole in the KA rod appears to have a copper/bronze? bushing in it that the pin rides in. There is an oil hole up through the top of the rod. The Z24 rods are press fit and may not have this oil hole in them. The KA and Z24 pins appear to be the same diameter. (different pt. numbers)




The Z24 rod on the right seems thicker than the KA rod. ???




Both bottoms appear the same, or close, except for the larger Z24 rod nuts. KAs are supposed to have 'oil squirters' to cool the piston bottoms. Are they located on the block? because the rods are very similar to the Z24s. There is an oil hole on the rod shoulder that would squirt oil from the mains vertically up the side of the rod at the piston bottoms... but the Z24 has them too. Anyone know anything about this?




15cc dish Z24 piston and 2.8cc KA24E piston.



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yes the oil squirters are in the block, you can tap the Z24 block to accept the KA squirters but you will have to have the pistons clearanced for the squirters.


Z24 rods are the better rods by far,


Clearanced? How so? Got a picture of one?


Single cam blocks don't have oil squirters, except frontier blocks which are single cam blocks but share the DE designation due to the head.


Kyle, thanks for that info. I heard that the squirters were used on other Nissan applications that had turbos. It was to cool the pistons to prevent hot spots leading to pre-ignition.

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Has anyone ever tried using a z24 rod in a ka motor? With everyone turboing them no it seems worth checking to have a nice stock option rod that seems to me much beefier.

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