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Old topper...?

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I know all about the "wanted" section...but really:blink:...anyone actually ever look there?


I would love to find an old aluminum topper for my 521. I have seen several styles during my life time, striped, panels, grooves, corrugated, rounded, small windows...etc.


I would love to see any pics of vintage toppers or old shells that you have owned or seen or stumble across during your late night surfing. :lol:


I want one that matches the "Ratsun" look of the truck. not all trashed...just cool and old.:cool:


I have yet to find any at all...if anyone has some pics...let me see em!:D

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You can kinda see 2 in this photo...





Same canopy on the yellow truck (small) before I took it off and painted the truck red:









This one's on my Mom's truck:





Any and all for sale/trade, or free for the boxy one in the first pic, but they're all in Washington. The boxy one is aluminum-clad wood and came off a 520. The one on the green truck is actually for a shortbed LUV and hence a little short (by 3"), and is also clad wood. The other 2 are all-aluminum and hence actually worth something, and fit 521/620/720 shortbeds.

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Yeah...that there is some history! I like the first one and the last one.


I grew up driving an old Courier that had one on it with windows that slanted on both sides...but had stripes like the last one with curved top corners like the one in the background in pic #1. I will consider the trip to Washington man...I would love to have time to come get one. That first one would look super groovy on my 521:cool:


Thanks for the response...thats exactly the era I am trying to find.:)

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Well, the first one is free to anyone willing to try to carry it out of my yard (it's on a truck but not bolted down). It came from "Bill's Trailerland" in San Deigo, probably early 70s. Does need a little work- the hatch prop rods are detached or gone and one of the reflectors on the side is broken (I dropped it, kinda heavy) but I even have the key for the hatch. The paneling inside is not in the best of shape, 35+ years does that. But all the glass is good.

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Doooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:




I have been looking for...ev...er!!!


Sweet find man! I'm gonna call him in the morning.


Thanks again guys...good input. I think that for 40 bucks I could really hate it and still be happy that I had it on for the trip.:lol:




Was thinking about getting this for the toyota but im not so sure now. Dont know the specs on the datto bed but check it out.

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Yeah...Madness...that says a lot about your job right?:)




Pacific Coast: Not...........quite.........what I had in mind....:blink:


You know whats really funny about that though, is that I could not remember the name of the topper that used to be on the old Ford Courier I described earlier.


It was a Perris Valley!:cool:


Thats really awesome man! I am sure that either one of those things waould have been an absolute nightmare in a cross wind...or a head wind...or...really...no wind at all.:blink:

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Yeah...I read that in the "jobless" post.


The:) was for the job thing...

The:lol: was for the picture of those REDONKULOUS toppers on the Datsuns


My heart goes out to you for the spot your in right now man.


Look forward to gettin together and I would love to drive up there this time so you don't have to. I can even drag a couple other weirdo's with me.:lol:

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Yeah...I was thinking about that when I saw one on Craigslist here. It was of a 87 4Runner or something like that,175 bucks, but I thought it would look really cool. I am just not sure about that much black fabric on the back of my coffee colored truck:rolleyes:

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