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!!!stolen wheels!!!


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Hi my name is mike. im acting on behalf of ingred nelson. some of you may know her or at least her car. its was up for sale for a time on craigslist a while back.

within the last week she purchest a new set of konig rewinds from leschuab.

2 days ago on the 28th sometime between 9 am and 5 pm they were stolen from creekside appartments in mountlake terrace! her little 510 was left on scrap cement blocks. luckily leschuab had her old wheels and were able to come and get those reinstalled.

there is a police report filed and they even dusted for fingerprints! their doing what they can but id like all of your help! please, anyone familiar with the the wheels please keep a sharp eye out for them. for those of you who arent. they are a knock off of watanabis, polished silver, brand new! eight spoke wheels.

you can contact me directly on my cell 425 346 4440

or just respond to the thread. please and thank you!

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have photo of car and wheels??????

That would help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watanabee clones coule be???????




Old Westerns

SSRs or the Chinese copies



appartments in mountlake terrace!? get away from that and it wont happen again


Someone will see these wheels once you post a photo.They will turn up. The 510 cmmunity is really very small

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sorry i dont have actual pictures at the moment. i will do what i can to get them. here is an example.

her car is a beat up dark matalic blue with full roll cage. (rolling black steelies at the moment!!!) konig_rewind_slvr_rwd_lg.jpg

stolen from creekside appartmensts in maountlake terrace wa. ive cruised the parking lot and noticed at least one other car up on bricks. poor bmw 325i.

no sign of the wheels.

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Those are the same rims I'm thinking of buying. I better make sure to get wheel locks (not that they help much).


I hate thieves! Ill keep an eye out on eBay, but chances are slim that you will ever see them again.:mad:

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yeah it was her rally car. she hasnt raced is years though. lol. still no word on the wheels.

thank you to anyone who is keeping their eyes out. i realy hope we get lucky and find these wheels. somebody mentioned the shadey garbage crew that does the valet trash service at creekside appartments.

that would be realy crapy.

constant vigilance!!! time to scour cragslist and ebay again...

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