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84 720 "Pathfinder"


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I just picked up this warlock of a Nissan/Datsun. Grandaddy to the Pathy?


Body shots









Interior shots










Haven't decided what to do with it. I am starting to part it but tomorrow I may change my mind. I bought it to hopefully swap the motor to my other 720 king cab pick up. "Zombro"




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In a way it's a forerunner (:D) to the WD-21 but not factory. Like the 620 4X4, the 720s were bought by a builder and converted over to what you see.




Here's a picture I have from a couple of years ago:




... from this site:



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I have been trying to get the motor together lately. I finally have tools and an Engine stand. Bushmaster got picked up by my friend who is probably going to eventually do some ford swap and solid axles.


Here's a few pictures of the motor for the White truck.


So I put the pathy motor in the white truck to find out it runs on 3 cylinders too, so now I am just putting the Original motor back in with a refreshed head.











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yeah, finding those was not as easy as I had hoped. ended up spending an hour at a hydraulics shop trying explain what I needed it for and how big it had to be. But they had them. but then finding an Allen key that big was annoying too. I think I ended up finding a huge torq bit.

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lol, I know Its just sitting in there and looks like a rats nest of vacuum lines. I need to sit in my engine bay and clean the crap out of it.


Getting the truck out out of the yard and into the drive way was sketchy and fun. I noticed how shot some of the bushings are, also I love how this truck is designed. so easy to work on. I really wish I had the time to write my own haynes manual because there is a ton of crap that book leaves out. At least torque specs are in it. Cant wait to get Zombro back on the road.

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