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Datsun FLAG

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I wouldn't mind having one of these for the garage. Is this guy logit or is there something fishy here?

Two people claimed to have ordered a flag and recieved it. Notice the poster won't reply and tell us he is from Argentina. I updated his profile for him.

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yes but i have a partner that ship from los angeles


hi yes the flag is 19 usd



let me know if you are interested and i will tell you my paypal address






you're located in argentina?


is this guy legit?!!!??

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I also bought a flag from this guy. I got the black flag and payed through Pay-Pal. Received the flag in less than a week. If you don't like the idea of buying through here. You can always buy it through E-Bay and pay another Argentinian to get the same product. LoL

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