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Is this just a replacement speedo cable assy. for a 510? Stock or for a longer 5spd?


Post up pics of what you got
yeah I'd hate to find out later that you have a KA24DE and FS5W71C with electronic sensor speedo. Edited by datzenmike
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speedo cable kit.
Meaning what?


For a Datsun, I have seen:

- Complete new cable about $15 at Rockauto.com

- new shaft kit, about $8. It's just the inside part. It must be the correct length and you pull the broken shaft-cable out of the cable sheath, soak the new cable in light motor oil, then put it into the sheath.

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510 speedo cable 4speed.assume it fits a 5speed also

B5050-Y8101 thru dealer or nissanparts.cc


a generic will work but the square end has to fit in the dash instrument cluster. soem times you have to gently shave them w/o stripping them.


what I do is take the old one out and measure ir. use the old KEY in the trans drill it out.JB weld it. then shave the upper part so it fits in the speedo itsself.


But for you, just buy the cable. if cable is good its the speedo pinion in the trans that you need. the plastic teeth stripped out(design that way)

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its just the cable that goes inside the sleeve and the shaft and a metal peice that crimps it on i guess. it was given to me by a local dime owner so i would hope its the right one...?

there is no old cable in the sleeve.

so i just unscrew the peice from the transmission and insert the new cable and guide it up?

ive gotta get some jackstands.

damn thing almost killed me.

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Buy the 510 cable from Nissan.


You need the Datsun Key that goes in the trans to turn the speedo.


Like I said before I use the Datsun Key(goes in the trans and drill it out for the new cable.


there is nothing to crimp. Thats why he gave it to you. Its a Common 510 trick. Give something away .The new guy thinks ,"Hey we must be buds"


lol damn 510 tricks.

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