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l20b oil pan drop


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Sure, if you support the engine from the top and detach the struts and crossmember assembly, and steering box and idler arm. :D Unless you have a truck with a removable bolted lower crossmember. Wish they would have done that on the 510s!

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It's a lot easier just to loosen the mounts and lift the motor up. That should be enough to weasel the pan off? Not sure. Everytime I've dropped a pan, I've yanked the motor for the ease of working on it, plus if you're doing the pan you might as well do the front cover and rear main seal. At least, I find that's what leaky L motors do to me when they're crying for extra attention. And L motors are notoriously easy to yank. If you don't have a cherry picker, a chain hoist to a couple of garage rafters/beam/whatever will work.

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Loosen the lock nuts and unscrew the steering cross rod. Of course it would help to mark it's location so the toe in is saved when putting together. Remove the four bolts holding the lower cross member and remove it. The motor does not need to be supported. The cross brace is to support the torsion bars. You should now be able to easily access the oil pan to remove it.

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no problem thanks for the help guys. i ended up disconnecting the motor mounts and jacking the engine all the way up, then unbolting the oil pan the trick at that point was to unbolt the oil pickup and weasel it out from the front driver side.

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