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L20B 200mm flywheel and clutch w/4 speed

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L20B 200mm flywheel and clutch w/4 speed

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Pretty straight forward


Stock l20B, has an a87 head. 

No accessories, comes with front cover.


Junkyard engine I bought years ago, I've personally ran this engine with no issues but I have never opened it up or inspected it past swapping the head/gasket and a compression test. It's never let me down, and I run my engines hard.  Came with a "smog" w58 head so I'm assuming it was in a truck. Timing chain was done with the clutch. 


It's installed into one of my cars at the moment for storage sake but is not hooked up to run.  will only remove once I've found a buyer.

Looking for 1000 for the package, willing to deal if I keep the flywheel, oil pan, and or the front cover

How I came to this price:

Short block-300


Front cover- 125

200mm Flywheel-175

L16 oil pan-175

Transmission -free (tested at low speeds, 1st and 2nd are fine)


Edit: For anyone that's interested in the package as a whole I'm Willing to throw in driveshaft and r160 to complete the drive line

Morgan Hill , California - United States

Recommended Questions

Assume this is in, or for, a 510. Must be a F4W63 transmission.


W58 heads were used on all L20Bs from '78 through '80 in the '78-'79 S10 200sx, '78-'79 620 truck, '78-79 A10 HL510 and the '80 720 truck. It can be assumed that if it came with a 200mm flywheel then it came out of a car, trucks used 225mm flywheels.



I can tell by looking at it that it's a '79 or '80 engine so it should have a matchbox style distributor.



Engine came with a 225mm flywheel. I installed the 200mm 

Didn't come with a dizzy, but has my matchbox installed on it currently.  Pretty sure I'm keeping that


4 speed did come out of a 69 510

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