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Oil Spindle pre 1983

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Looking for an oil spindle to fit a KA 2.4 motor with a L20B distributor.  I will use a KA oil pump and have the KA 2.4 timing cover.

I was told a Z20, Z22 and the Z24 or L20B spindle will work. 


Thank you




Hood River, Oregon - United States

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I will likely have a clean spindle, but all will show some minor wear on the gear teeth.  Are you replacing the crank gear with NEW?  In our vintage race L6's, we learned the hard way, that mixing a USED spindle & a different USED gear, caused failures!!


FYI I am pretty sure that L16 L18 & L20B are the same spindle.  The differences in timing cover HEIGHTS was above the dizzy mount, thus the spindles remained the same.  That said, the Z20 & Z22 had the same block deck height, as the L20B.  The Z24 had a raised (again) block deck height & I do NOT know if the dizzy mounting point changed..............??  I know nothing about the KA parts.

Jim Jans


I had not thought about if the gear needs to be replaced.  I am trying to install a KA motor in my MG ZB Magnette and thus do not want to deal with computers or FEI.  So, I plane on cutting the intake and fitting a set of SU's from a Volvo.  I was told to use the KA oil pump due to volume. A L20b distributor should fit with maybe some minor work?  Would I replace the gear using a KA 2.4 or will a gear from your make and modal work?  

I have an extra ZB oil pan and plane on making a adapter to fit the KA motor with the ZB oil pan.  I have to move the sump to the front and the big issue is motor mounts and figure out how to make the motor fit, it's about 1.5: longer.  But I have room to move it back a bit and pull the fan blade and us an electric fan.

I need the spindle with the almost half-moon shape (on top) and not the small gear shaped with a small half-moon for the newer dizzies.

I am in Hood River, OR 97031 what would be the cost?





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The L16/ L18/ L20B/ Z20/Z22/ Z24 and KA all had the same distributor mounting height. Farmer put a carburetor on his KA and an L20B spindle and distributor on it. He didn't want to bother with EFI either. You will have to use the distributor base to mark out, drill and tap a second distributor mounting hole on the KA timing cover.

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Perfect, there is your answer on the spindle...........PM answered!


MG Magnette!!  I grew up with Midget's & Sprite's, got in to Datsun's 25++ years ago!!  I've been in & out of the British parts industry since 1984!!  Not many Magnette's around..............



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Fresh out oh HS a friend and I drove his '62 Midget from Ontario to Boston and back through Montreal. What an adventure!

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