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z22 block

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 Z22 block

280zx 5 speed or a wide ratio 5 speed

219 head 

- United States

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The 280zx never had a wide ratio 5 speed. It was a mid ratio for '79 only, and close ratio for '80-'83. The wide ratio was used on the '79 620 and '80 720 trucks in L series trim. Wide ratios were used on some S110 200sx and the S12 cars and later 720s but with different engines.



Wow didn’t know this.  Thank you! 

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My understanding is the 77-79 280Z/280ZX 5spds were .864 5th ratio, 80-81 280ZX were .773 5th ratio & 82-83 280ZX were .745 5th ratio.  The turbo ZX used a T5 based 5spd.  My chart also has notes on visual ques to identify each one of them.  This info was in an article published in August 1994 (510 club newsletter of that time), written by Ray Johns.  I have lived by this info, have seen/possessed each one at some time & have never had an issue.


According to the same chart, the 79-80 810 was also .864 5th ratio & the 81-84 Maxima was also .864 5th ratio.


I pulled & still have a 1980 720 5spd, that has the same visual que of the small 2bolt plate on the drivers side of the tail housing, for the late reverse lockout access, which according to the chart notes, is the 82-83 280ZX with the .745 5th ratio (I have NOT measured the gear ratio's).


If you are NOT particular about the gear ratio's, any one of these 5spds will bolt right up to your L-series, but depending on what car/truck you are installing it in, may require a custom length driveshaft & a custom trans crossmember! 


FYI the later NAPZ 5spds simply require that an L-series bellhousing be swapped (bolt on) in place, to correct the :tilt issue" of the shift lever.  FYI the even later 240SX 5spd also requires an L-series bellhousing ALONG WITH machining one of the front bearing holes.


Hope some of this helps!

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'77-'78 280z and first year only '79 280zx were mid ratio (3.321 first gear)and 0.864 5th.*


'80 (Aug '79-June '80) 280zx were close ratio (3.062 first gear) and 0.773 5th. 22.7% OD


'81-'83 280zx were also close ratio and 0.745 5th. 25.5% OD


The reverse check sleeve was installed on all '80 and up 71B 5 speeds making it impossible to accidentally shift down from 5th into reverse.


The 810 and Maxima use the same mid ratio as the 280z/zx mentioned above.*


To fit an earlier L series 71B front case on to a newer 71C the following machining must be done...








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