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Datsun / Nissan history

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I saw this E mail on one of my Yahoo groups & found it interesting & wanted to share.........

I wanted to pass along information on a mystery that taken me quite a

few years to solve regarding the Lion figure used by Datsun in the


I have asked for help on this topic from several Datsun forums

including this one, but the various answers never quite seemed fully


As we all know, Nissan/Datsun used a "rampant lion" figure on many

stock keys in the 60's and various other parts (ie. shift knobs,

embroidored patches, keychains, hats, car-mats, t-shirts etc.)

From the replies I have received, many insist this lion is actually

a "griffin". But a quick look at the various depictions, to me, in no

way resembles a griffin? A griffin is mythological figure that is part

dragon, eagle, an lion and is depicted with an eagle's beak, lion's

body, and a dragon's wings. The Datsun figure has none of these.

Furthermore, if you compare the Datsun Lion to the rampant lion on the

official flag of Scotland and to the well-known Peugeot rampant lion,

our Datsun figure is remarkably similiar (notice the same leg and arm

put forward).

There is clearly no beak or even a slight bulge to indicate wings that

had perhaps been folded!

So why would Datsun use a "lion"?

The correct answer, I found was that this lion was the symbol of the

Prince Motor Company (named to honor a popular Japanese Prince at the

time ...royalty = lion symbol). As many know, Prince Motors was

absorbed by Nissan/Datsun in the 1960's and subsequently, the lion

symbol temporarily came with it!

Here is a link that has a nice display of one of the earlier "logo

mergers": http://www.cartype.com/page.cfm?id=456&alph=K

Hope someone finds this interesting as it sure drove me crazy for

awhile :-)


'66 PL411

Heres the link incase it didnt work....


I love this logo / emblem.............


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