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  1. blownb310

    120Y bumpers

    Found some of the pics....
  2. blownb310

    120Y bumpers

    It was 12 years ago, but I was able to get the correct 120Y bumper brackets from a Nissan dealer in the UK. I was able to bolt the bumpers on to my US B210 without any problems. I posted pics with part numbers on one of the Datsun forums years ago, but can't find the thread any more. Mike
  3. blownb310

    B210 on ice!

    I have an extra rear 120Y bumper [new in box] that was a spare for this car. I sold the car this spring so will now sell my extra bumper. I'm in NY. If any of you US forum members are interested let me know. http://albany.craigslist.org/pts/4234336076.html 120Y badges too: http://albany.craigslist.org/pts/4234351436.html Mike
  4. blownb310

    auto choke relay

    The auto choke relay is what turns out the brake light after you start the engine. If it is burnt out, the brake light will stay on continuosly. So how did it work out and what fixed your car twotoedbandit?
  5. blownb310

    1980 210 Wagon "Old Red"

    We'd love to see some pics of the car now that it's been repainted. Cool car! Mike
  6. blownb310

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    These statements really hit home with me. After 28 years of fooling around with these cars, I feel the same way. I decided to use my 1608 A-series with twin Dellortos instead of a modern engine swap in my B310. I'm comfortable with carb work and I like the old school just fine. I am looking forward to see the engine choice and install. Mike
  7. blownb310

    Strut bellows

    Yes, my '81 B310 has rubber shields that are sandwiched on top of the coil spring. I can't really call them a bellows as they are smooth sided. But they serve the same function. One of them is disintegrating and I can't seem to buy them. I will likely adapt one from an old Sentra. I found a new pair of old stock Koni adjustable inserts for my B310 struts. Nice! Mike
  8. blownb310

    210 gas mileage?

    I was inspired by this ad and set out to beat it with my B210. Getting the big numbers is firstly dependant how you drive the car. You need to be versed in hyperpermiling driving techniques. This along with the right modifications to the car can yield big gains. I was able to get 77.04 mpg after many mods. Mike
  9. blownb310

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    I've been scheming to swap a GA16DE into my '81 Datsun 210 for years. We all know that it is possible but I've set out to see if it is feasible. The first obstacle of course, is to see if a RWD trans could be adapted. So I got out my spare low mile '91 engine and put a 210 five speed in front of it. The short answer is yes it can. Is it easy? No not really, but it is completely doable. This is the 210 five speed's A14 plate placed on the back of the GA16DE block. The two block alignment dowels line right up and three of the bell housing bolts as well. This is a good start. This shows the misaligment of the left upper bell housing bolt. This poses no problem to modify with adding a plug into the GA's original block hole and then redrilling and tapping a new hole to line up with the A14 trans. Next, the trans will not go all the way into the back of the GA engine as is. The problem is the 210 trans long input shaft bottoms out inside the back of the GA's crank. No big deal either. I simply drilled out the back of the crankshaft for the needed clearance and this problem was solved. I will measure the bore and seek just the right size ball bearing from the bearing supplier or machine a custom bronze pilot bushing if I have to. The next obstacle is the starter and flywheel. The mods needed for this are to remove the GA's starter ring gear [it's facing the wrong way for RWD and the teeth are angled wrong. No biggie we'll just use the A14 ring gear and machine the back of the GA flywheel [where the pencil point is] for the interference press fit. The A14 gear will be installed from the back of the flywheel not the front as original. The starters are mounted in opposite directions between the FWD GA and the RWD A14. It is best to go with the A14 starter and mount it in it's original location on the A14 trans. The rear lower corner of the GA block will need to be cut away to do this. Now the two are mated and it is time to test fit the unit into the 210. It goes right in, but there are more problems to solve. From picturing this swap in my head all of these years, I knew that I would have to cut a hole in the firewall to clear the GA's distributor. But until I actually test fitted the engine in the car I did not realize that the throttle valve is also right into the firewall. The egr system was also in the way back there so I removed it. The oil pan needs some slight clearancing to clear the crossmember as well. This is where I am stalled right now. This can all be done but I am in need of some advice and inspration to continue. What would you do about the throttle valve in the firewall? Anyone have any ideas? Mike
  10. blownb310

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    Thanks, I love the 1200 forums, but among other things I've never understood why we can't receive an email when someone replies to a subscribed thread. :confused: Yes that was interesting. He built that for track racing and can keep it in the meat of the narrow powerband under those circumstances. However with a high winding small engine like that, I'd say that torque would be lacking quite a bit if it were to be used in a street car. Mike
  11. blownb310

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    That was very interesting. Thank you Fisch. I'd like to browse the "swap" section of the 1200 forums some more. How did you navigate to that section there please? Also, I found some info online that shows that Nissan actually did make a RWD GA16DE powered vehicle. The 90's Serena mini van's were available with the GA16DE and they are RWD. Here's a pic of the trans they used: And here's something also needed when mounting a FWD GA to a RWD car: Mike
  12. blownb310

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    But they did make a van with one. The '91-'99 RWD Serena was available with the GA16DE in it. I have no idea what countries they were available in, but we don't have any of those here in the US, that's for sure. Mike
  13. blownb310

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    Thanks guys. I'll get a closer look at it all after the holidays. As Dave knows, the measurement of the flywheel surface from bell housing flange has to be noted between both engines. T/O bearing clearance has to be considered as well. I need to measure both flywheels and see if the GA flywheel will even fit inside the A series bell housing. Dave, thanks for the tip regarding my choices of how to mount a starter. I'll see which route I'll need to take. Pics coming soon. Mike
  14. blownb310

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    I've got some renewed inspiration to look into this further. Back in 2006 Dave Patten designed this sweet adapter to mate a RWD trans to any FWD SR engine. Take a look: http://tinyurl.com/ljmes Maybe the same can be done for our purposes? I'll get my four speed B210 trans out from under the bench and start taking some measurements to the back of my '91 GA16DE. Mike
  15. blownb310

    B11 Sentra goes rallycossing

    They have a region locator on the SCCA web site. Take a look Here. Mike

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