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Diesel/Gas turbo Qs

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I dont know anything regarding the exaust gas temps... but I would think a diesel turbo would work just fine, unless you are building a monster and are dealing in the vortices produced by the fins in the turbo, I cant understand how its gonna make alot of difference.. checked this book out??



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sure. they don't know if it is bolted to a diesel or gas. they usually make more power on a gas rig. 1 big difference is that diesel turbos don't usually use a wastegate because they are never spun that fast. so you will have to externally wastegate. IMO external is the only way to go. more adjustable.

can usually get them cheaper and they are really built well because of the nature of what they are bolted to.

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The one I'm looking at ,a Mercedes T-3, has a w/g. I just seem to remember someone saying something about, seals?? Another said the diesel turbo runs cooler because of the diesel design. Maybe more efficient at getting the power out of the fuel and less wasted heat in the exhaust?


Thanks for replies,

Anyone else?

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I agree it will be fine. Pm Byron510 on the realm, he works on ship turbos, where the compressor housing takes up a full size truck bed!



He said that he doesn't have much experience with turbos on engines producing less than 2,500 HP lol. So far they seem to be interchangeable, but I'll keep an eye on the post to see. If they are they, or at least some, may be a good source for a turbo project. I have a Garrett from a 2.3 Mustang and the shaft is full of play


Update!!! I may have answers to my own question. I found mention that the AirResearch T-3 for a Ford 2.3 has internal seals to resist oil leakage from it's intended use on a SUCK through carb set up. Closing the throttle on a downstream turbo would cause quite the vacuum. I guess most BLOW through turbos are created equal, well as far as diesel and gas applications anyway.

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You cant cool the intake charge if you use a draw through turbo, but with a blow through you can cool the charge before it gets to the carburator..the only reason to do a draw through is if you never intend on making any real power.


according to what I have read

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Absolutely agree. What happens if the motor back fires under boost? Bigger BOOM I guess.


Was not intending a draw through, that's for sure, I just remember something said about seals in a turbo and thought it was to do with diesel not working for a gas engine, or something. Anyway I guess I read some stuff on one of these draw through 2.3 Ford turbo that I have, and remembered it wrong.:D


I've examined a few turbos in the yards and all have lots of shaft play, some actually wobble! This T-3 is on an older Merc and the shaft does not move other than spin. I'm going to grab it up.

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i've seen toyota supras with the 2jz's with big ass turbo's from diesels i think they reffer to them as "cannon turbos" or "canister turbo" or something reffering to the size.. they usualy end up with 600-1000+ horsepower also.. i imagine the turbo your talkin about is much smaller an would prolly work nice with your application

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I don't intend to turbo anything!!! (right) Well if i did it would be nice to have one just collecting dust, for sure. It's the best one I've seen and om an old Merc that probably was driven easy all its life.


I'll just hang it in my work area for decoration. Looks mean. lol

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My buddy was talking to me about the blow through turbos.. and he was talking about using a set of motorcycle carbs, specifically honda carbs of a 75 750cc 4, 32 cc I belive...he was talking about how those carbs were solids.. ie they were not vacume operated, you couldnt just dump on the throttle.. you had to throttle them up as the rpms came up...


he was speculating that modern carbs that are vacum operated would not operate correctly under pressure.. so solids were the way to go..


thought this conversation might have some bearing on your plans...

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