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guys and gals.. help out a film student?

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Okay so I've been trying to sell my jeep but no one is buying it.. might drop the cost drastically just to get it gone..


I need a 510 for my short film. I've been intently looking for a 510 for under 2500. I've been looking and they're either bone stock or slightly modified but ghetto. I've read stories of people finding bone stock 510's for 400 bucks, yet all I see is stuff for upwards of 1500.


This 510 has been on CL forever, and I'm getting desperate. Is anyone interested in assembling a crew and getting this beast running in a weekend or just a saturday?


I'm REALLY hoping you guys can find a place in your hearts to help me out. I'm not talking full restoration - just get it running, buff some dents, and I'll sand and paint.


I know that car has alot of rust and I know I shouldn't say it but I just really want a 510 for this film - so could sand down and paint over it. Eek don't shoot me!


ORRRRRRR if anyone has an extra 510 they could let me borrow for my short film that would be awesome. I really wanted to use my own just so I could show the characters dropping in the motor, fixing misc. stuff, sanding, welding, maybe even painting.


Please please give me your HONEST OPINION. I'm not very technically knowledgeable, but if we had a wrench fest I could supply homebrew and foods.


thanks for your time.

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