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73' 620 clutch replacement

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hello just wanted to see some opinions on clutch kits. I'm torn between 2 the Clutch Kit LuK 06-022 which is widely available and unknown origin from my research around $100 or a exedy 06020HD made in Japan which Ive only found one and its $198. is it worth the extra money. I'm just looking for longevity. thanks 

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The above, has to be for a '73 with L16 and 200mm diameter disc. L18 and L20B were 225mm and won't fit.


BTW the '74 L18 in the 620 was fitted with a  225mm 5 bolt flywheel, PP and clutch disc. Only used that one year till the L20B replaced it in '75. A 5 bolt 225mm clutch capable flywheel might be kind of handy for a performance 521/510/610 or 710 equipped with an L16 or L18 needing a stronger clutch if the Roadster ones aren't available.

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8 hours ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

exedy sjould be cheaper than that/ My 521 was like 100$ but that was before Covid


make sure you get the right one 620s had L16s 18s and L20s from 72 to 79


yea I tried finding cheaper but there isn't. I'm buying it on eBay and the have the "confirmed fit" and the measurements are for a 200mm flywheel so I'm pretty sure it will fit if not I can just return it with the eBay "guaranteed fit" warranty. has your exedy done you good?

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