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Was at the pull a part today and found a 76 710 4 door with a L18 and an automatic. The dash and the rest of the interior were trashed. And the grille (720-Ish) was also pretty mutch destroyed. I did get the cool Datsun710 emblems and the grille badge for my 210. SWEET!


There is an ol 4door 510 there with most of the front gone but some good doors and a hood.


Also a little old 521 truck that still had a couple good parts.


Good luck Hunting


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I love Datsun emblems. I got a rectangular chrome piece with DATSUN in black, bold letters and a chrome NISSAN just like the front of an 85? 720 truck grill, but smaller. They were on the same car, an 84 Maxima, the last year a Datsun badge was used on any Nissan product. I also have a plastic/chrome D from the hood of a 200sx that is somewhat like a 521 one. If it says D or Datsun I grab it!!

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I doo believe the driveline was there but am not positive. It still had the tranny and short block. All the body was good too. I loked the grille too, wish it was not trashed or I would try to get it in the pumpkn210/710.


I put the datsun emblem in the grille of the pumpkn off on the pass. side like a badge. Looks hella cool. Especially sence I have most of the flames removed.

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