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Caliper shot


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So how do you know when it is time to retire a caliper? One of my zx calipers was seized. After some time I eventually got the piston out, but the piston may have some scratches and not be round anymore. There is some rust in the caliper itself. I have rebuild kits minus the pistons.


Should I just get some new calipers or could I clean out the old ones, clean the pistons off, and rebuild? I don't exactly want to waste the rebuild kits if the one caliper is too far gone. So to rebuild or just buy new.




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this is me

On my 510 I have never needed a caliper and I used to pound the shit out of them before I learned how to compress them with a c clamp.


But on my cherokee I just went to replace the pads and then the brakes locked up on me. Which I had to then get new calipers. Calipers are cheap for a jeep.

So why dont you look it up first then you could make a better decesion. if its cheap I would just get a rebilt one as the Z car might be more plentiful and are cheap to begin with.


I dont like rebuilding them calipers myself. They never seem to last as long as the orginal or even a rebuilt one(compared to BRAND NEW)

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Thanks you guys. I guess I'll just get a set of loaded calipers from autozone. The last time I checked (months ago) I remember them being out of my price range. I don't know if I remembered wrong, or if prices have indeed come down, but I'll getting new ones.

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