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timing set up


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Ignition timing? Unless the front timing cover was off when the head gasket was changed (and only if a mistake was made does this need to be done) the timing will not have changed from before the changed gasket. Easy enough to use a timing light to check that the timing is correct at 3 degrees Before TDC. 


There's 8 plug wires and easy enough to get two switched around. I mixed up pair of wires might cause backfiring through the carburetor.





Does it drive? Or does it backfire when trying to start?

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The wires definitely had to come off to get the head off.  As long as the timing cover was not off the distributor can't be wrong or put back in wrong.


Who ever did the head gasket needs to be asked if they dropped the tensioner and had to take the front end off to fix that fuck up. That would be the oil pump and the distributor out and maybe put in advanced or retarded.


Check the ignition timing, that will tell you.



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