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Windscreen Glass Sizes


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So this challenge for me in the UK is proving to be a big one. As shown on here elsewhere I own an imported 1971  South African 510 SSS coupe. When I purchased it the car had a cracked front windscreen so I asked the seller to replace it. The car arrived in 2019 with the rubber screen surround which was very very gappy  if you pulled the rubber back. I subsequently brought the steel window trim and the appropriate rubber from Datsport. On fitting the screen we realised the seller had fitted a stock 510 screen in my coupe which didn’t fit with the steels. In the process of fitting the screen with the steels the fitters cracked my screen. So it looks like my only option is to use a custom windscreen company called pilkingtons who operate in the UK as well as abroad. They list the 510 screen on their inventory. I’ve been told , not by them that if I purchase a 510 screen and get them to shave 5mm off the top edge it will fit. Is this true ? Or if not I may have to get them to make me a custom coupe screen. If this is the case does anyone have a template/ dimensions for one ?. This has turned into a big headache .

Thanks guys


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Hey Martin, according the Bluebird Coupe Buyer's Guide - 1969-1971 "The front windshield opening (of the Coupe) is 3/8” shorter than the (standard) 510 sedans" If you don't have this you can find it here http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=26180 


From what I know of Nissan, many parts are interchangeable between models so I would assume the Coupe's windshield is cut down from the 510 glass. I would also imagine a "custom made" windshield would be far more costly than cutting 9.5mm off the top to see if it works. Here's a great TY source for cutting windshield glass. 



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Wow. This is why I love car forums. Thanks so much for putting such  a detailed response together for me. I will see if Pilkingtons can provide a 510  screen and shave 9.5mm off the top. 
Best  regards and thanks guys 



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