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air compressor 86 st with pic air conditioning


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st kingcab 86 any help with this compressor all the oem do not fit the holes are different anyone one has ideas i had it rebuilt twice but leaks after three months. tried calling vintage ac no one works on them or has parts even universal anyone have suggestions. to me it looks like u can do a bracket see pic but i don't know where to start a computer guy not car guy here

720 1986 Nissan King Cab Z VINJN6ND06S4GW103879.jpg

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Good luck finding the correct replacement. You may be better off using one of the newer style and just replacing the hoses to match. Or getting custom made hoses. The one time I purchased a new compressor I got the same one you show on the left and I had to take it back. Luckily a parts truck I bought had a functioning compressor on it.

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and in case you have just recently gotten this 720 and don't have a lot of experience getting parts for it, make sure when you order parts order them for an 85 720. Otherwise it is very likely you will get parts for a D21 hardbody since both trucks were made in 86. Only caveat to that is if you have the Z24i, some of the Z24i specific parts are likely shared with the 86 D21 but I am not 100% sure.

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Rock Auto sells our compressors.I had a complete new custom made heating and air installed in my 85 720 and I check the part number to the compressor and it is the same one Rock Auto sells.Before I had the system installed,I had the the system fittings changed over to take the R134 a and it didn't leak,just the compressor was bad,you need to get the dryer and everything that comes with the kit from Rock Auto to get warranty.Even the control knobs are different.

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I didn't get a compressor from Rock Auto.Cadena's Auto Repair here put the new Heating and Air system in my 85 720 4x4.He put the Jasper engine in it back in 2009.I now have 96,000 miles on it.I was just checking the parts he put in my new system and he wrote all the part numbers on my invoice and I was just comparing his price with other prices and notice that he used the same compressor that Rock Auto sells.Do you want me to take a picture of it.The whole Nissan system was replaced.I mean everything.I had this system installed in 6/29/20.The part number to the compressor on my invoice right here is T58444,.The dryer number is 411392.,he put a new discharge line in,a  new suction line,a A.C.. unit., new control panel,,new A.C.. belt,3-134A freon units.A.C.compression oil.A.C.leak dye.A.C. hose kit.None of these parts are Nissan.My A.C. hose have been routed in a different place.Here is the compressor from Rock Auto Parts.Remember my  Custom made A.C. system has no Nissan parts,the hose that connects to the compressor may be different than the OEM hose,  no more Nissan blower motor,no more Nissan heater core,can't find new one's any where.My heater hoses coming thru the firewall is no more,that hole is plugged....I can go take pictures of my new system if you want to see it.You can replace your Nissan hose that connects to your compressor with a hose like mine if it is different.Want me find you a new hose.Here are some pics. behttps://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=5243730&cc=1210352&pt=17507&jsn=838











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