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Will a Hardbody cut it?


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I've tried to look up guidelines for trailer towing before and could not find anything definite like 'trailer and load must not be more than tow vehicle weight' or 'trailer and load cannot be more than 3/4 tow vehicle weight'. Some manufacturers specify a trucks towing capacity but what they use is beyond me. Perhaps the strength of the drive train? and cooing capacity??? Brakes? all these?? Tongue weight is critical  and tire pressures.


I'm sure a VG30 D21 will haul almost 3,000 pounds but that must be close to the truck's own weight? Can it pull up hill for three miles floored or emergency stop going down the other side??? all good questions. Towing or extreme loads in my old 620 was terrifying to me.

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I tow 3K lbs trailer with my Z24 truck.  Gotta piss wind it up the hills but I only do it a few times a year.  With racing and towing junk maybe 8-10 times a year.  Racing we've hauled the 3k trailer with a bed full of supplies and spares and 3 dudes in the cab.   Overall it's fine, some hills it slows way down but I'd rather do that then buy an overkill truck.  gets 11mpg with it mega over loaded.  Had to upgrade to a v6 rad since they are 2 core.  



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