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620 front brake upgrade part numbers


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Probably been gone over but figured what the heck.  Here’s a parts list of what I used to get bigger disc brakes on my 79 620.

started with finding 1994 D21 hardbody spindles, mine were complete with old rotors so I did not need inner/outer bearings. Most parts came from Rock Auto.

Rotors Raybestos  RS 9920R

Calipers, Re-man with brackets and pad clips. Raybestos  RS FRC3752 left

“.                 “.                                                         Raybestos. RS FRC3751 right
Centric semi metallic pads.  CE 102.02660

Centric Brake hose frt left  CE150.42026


From NAPA.  Rear Rotor bearing seal pt# 21045


That being said no part number for the right hose as I ordered one for a 4wd and may not work.

I will be selling my old (1979) factory spindles-for anybody looking to move from drums for front disc. Will ship with calipers if some one wants as since they been sitting for 15 years probably only good for core returns 

Hope this may help someone.



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I read these 1985 Toyota 4 Runner Non vented calipers
will bolt right up to 620..............Has anyone else done this? I looked for a thread.
I am not looking to go to all the time & expense to go to vented since I am not doing
a HP increase.
A little better front brakes would be nice. Hell, I'm 60 & I drive like a grandpa..😁😁😁
I am not sure how I would figure master & wheel cylinder size. I want to modify this 620 as little as possible with easily reversible bolt on upgrades.

I also can't find a bolt mount measurement spec sheet for these calipers, the guy who posted didn't want to answer questions........WTF ?????
This would eliminate a lot of bulk, clean it up and give me better brakes.

Part image
Part image

Part image


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The '79-'85 4x4 fit the 70-78 S30 Z car, don't know about the 620. I did a Toyota SAS on my old 620 and rebuilt a pair of the S12 x 8 calipers. The 620 eventually grew in weight to 3,400 pounds but the brakes were superb! out standing! I kept and used the stock 13/16" master cylinder. The '74 used a 3/4" so it will work but need to travel farther to provide the extra volume and thus feel 'mushy'. That's if the do fit and if they fit do they fit the rotor properly?

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