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  1. Thanks didn’t think of that
  2. Will do thanks, going to do it in sections. Then replace soft lines, calipers and wheel cylinders. Definitely want it safe as it’s going to grandson as first vehicle. Doing suspension parts the same way
  3. Got a new master cyl, clutch and slave cylinders. Just trying not to get crap into the new wheel cylinders and calipers when I install
  4. Problem being this is what the master cylinder is full of
  5. I would have thought small ferrets would work better 😆
  6. Any suggestions for cleaning the brake lines before I install the new master cylinder, calipers and rear brake cylinders. Want to clean out the old fluid that’s been sitting in these lines for 15 years. Thought of using air pressure to blow through the lines to clear old fluid by disconnecting at the old master cylinder. but cleaning the lines?
  7. Probably been gone over but figured what the heck. Here’s a parts list of what I used to get bigger disc brakes on my 79 620. started with finding 1994 D21 hardbody spindles, mine were complete with old rotors so I did not need inner/outer bearings. Most parts came from Rock Auto. Rotors Raybestos RS 9920R Calipers, Re-man with brackets and pad clips. Raybestos RS FRC3752 left “. “. Raybestos. RS FRC3751 right Centric semi metallic pads. CE 102.02660 Centric Brake hose frt left CE150.42026 From NAPA. Rear Rotor bearing seal pt# 21045 That being said no part number for the right hose as I ordered one for a 4wd and may not work. I will be selling my old (1979) factory spindles-for anybody looking to move from drums for front disc. Will ship with calipers if some one wants as since they been sitting for 15 years probably only good for core returns Hope this may help someone.
  8. What the H…….. forgot my H lol….. Chemo brain they call it
  9. 3 are the same and matched the headlights on the truck. Trying the different one, the one the grandson likes I had to dig through all the parts that came with the truck to find different headlight mounts. They’re further apart than the others. And thanks for the positive comment, slowly but surly.
  10. Test fitting panels and finding bolt holes with sheared off bolts. Drill on the next warm day we have. Looking pretty good. I have like 4 grills and one is different as the vertical bars are further apart and had to change headlight buckets to make it fit. Any one know what year that would have been?
  11. Like I mentioned Mike was just a crazy thought. I’ve done nothing to hack up this truck. Wondered if it had been done, if it could work, was there any benefit if it had worked for someone. days when my cancer has me down I watch the shows and wonder what could be done to make it unique without butchering it. as alway thanks Mike
  12. Calm down , one i was wondering if it could be done and if it would work. He’s 13 and was asking about bagging it. I’m happy he’s even interested in this old truck to work on it with me. Get his hands dirty and learn more then video games.
  13. I was just wondering if something like this would work. Think you could easily adjust ride height with the coil overs. 4 links would hang down so far on stock frame and 3link would require fuel tank being moved. Didn’t think about axel wrap. Like I said when I can’t work on the truck I think of nutty stuff, might be the 13 meds a day I take for my cancer.😁. Anyhow thanks for the input y’all.
  14. Thank you, I’ve got all new ball joints and look to be the same as what in on the truck spindles now. Just want to be able to get new rotors, seals, and calipers or kits
  15. On days I’m not up to working I think of stuff and really shouldn’t lol. My grandson asked me about bagging the truck and there’s no money I pops budget for that. But got me thinking back in the old gasser days some used half leaves on the front. Wonder what would happened if you cut a set of leaf springs say 3” beyond the the perch mounts. Drilled another hole to bolt the springs together a second time for safety. Used a panard bar to keep rear from walking side to side and coil overs for height adjustment and rebound. Think it would work and also help handling? Just crazy thoughts 😵‍💫
  16. I bought used spindle and brake assemblies back when I first got the truck wanting to go with bigger brakes. Well a year later and health set back I’ve just got them out to rebuild and can’t remember the year of the brakes. They’re Frontier single piston and only numbers on rotor is 210467-C and WF2. Want to get new rotors and calipers kits. any help out there?
  17. Evening all. Guy I got the 620 is bugging me about getting the rest of the parts that came in our deal. Is there any market for the 4 speed trans for these trucks, about 7 doors compete with glass and two more motors, two differentials one with bad gears. And a crap load of small stuff I need to go through. Any idea what any of the trans and motors are worth if anything cause they’ve all been sitting for years. Could use some cash for this project.
  18. Search Dorman 576807, on Rock auto. Tank will be here Tuesday from Amazon. They mis priced it or something cause it’s showing 169.99 now. When I ordered it , it said one left. After ordering it I looked again making sure I ordered the right thing and now it says temp out of stock.
  19. Well think I got a heck of a deal on new gas tank. Googled the part number and one of the places was Amazon so I clicked on it to see and bought it $37.10 with free shipping!!!!!!!! Looks identical except 1/4”fitting next to filler is straight not 90 degree. 720 pickup tank
  20. Got ya , miss read your advice. Thanks as always
  21. This tank mounts to the frame, but none of it goes under the cab. It’s all under the bed, it a like 12.7 gal tank
  22. Had a good couple of days where my caner meds didn’t have me dragging. Went to work on the truck to find holes in the fuel tank. Will a 720 fuel tank work in a1979 Kingcab . Looking at the 13 gal tank on Rockauto parts. Looks right except the line connection under the fill tube is straight and not a 90 degree. Second, decided to work on the brakes and disconnected the old wheel cylinders to push through new fluid to clean the lines, no go, found crap that looks like fish eggs under the screen in master cyl. Ordering new, so inspecting the rest of the brake system what is the assembly under the cab on the passenger side frame about where the the seat would be in the cab. proportioning valve????
  23. Thanks, to bad they didn’t get my last name right but oh well not the first time that’s happened lol
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