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  1. Love to see those pictures of you intake
  2. Guessing I’ll remove the doors to lighten it. All ready gutted the interior, guessing 4 guys should be able to lift the cab off. thanks for the info
  3. Thought I’d ask for pointers on getting the cab off the frame. Any special do’s or don’ts? Got the cab bolts out with out breaking any, although the two front will need replacing. Grade 8 or 10 as replacements? Haven’t found a place for replacement bushing. TIA
  4. Ok, VG series motors are too $$$$ for me. This is a budget build. So that being said I just looked at one of the extra motors that came with the truck. It’s an L20b with an A87 square port head. What could I expect out of it with a better cam, valve job and going maybe 30 over? Local shop I’ve used before quoted me $5/600.00 everything hot tanking, all the normal stuff. Eventually maybe a blow thru turbo system as money allows. Any cam suggestions, looking at the Schneider racing cams site. Fricking COVID furlough from work sucks! Not looking for a race truck, but fun to drive.
  5. thank you. I’m guessing 4.3 then would be a best bet as I can carb it.
  6. thanks for all your help. Like I said in my post I was looking at it and wondered if anyone here had tried, you know as an option. Beginning to think this site has a lot of out of work comedians or purist.
  7. I was thinking of using the entire FWD assembly, engine cradle and all if possible. Placing in the bed
  8. Ok didn’t find anything on this in the search so here goes. I find nothing that isn’t $$$$ to make the L20b give up some hp. Most I saw has been discontinued because of age. Even with what’s out there not a whole lot of power, v8 swaps too heavy, v6 maybe. Ok all that being said I’m looking at a 3.8 v6 out of a fwd Buick park ave., electronics and all at drag it away money. Has anybody tried or accomplished this here? PS, did I mention a friend willing to throw in a complete turbo setup for it....😋
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Sliding window from 79 760 king cab. Needs new gasket. Shipping charges are unknown but will only add actual shipping and packing charges.


    Kingsport , Tennessee - US

  10. Left the seam filled and did the rest. Hope for the best lol. It’s not a show truck, and since I removed the rusted out one with a large patch I didn’t want three seams.
  11. Time Left: 8 days and 10 hours

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    Two complete doors, one missing the mirror. Both have door panels, glass, etc. some surface rust and small holes in bottom corners. All in all good shape from what I’ve seen out there. Have more pics but too large to post, can email or message them if interested.j


  12. Sorry, 1979 620 king cab
  13. What different flare have y’all used? Any of the generic brands or just high dollar. I’m doing this in a tight budget since being furloughed from my job. Thanks
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