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  1. Beowulf

    Carb rebuild

    As always, thanks. Everything is dried out from setting so many years and butterflies are rusted from moisture.
  2. Beowulf

    Carb rebuild

    How do you identify the carb used on 620? Have a 79 L20b need to rebuild carb but can not find manufacturer or numbers.
  3. Opening thread again, looking at 2007 Frontier 16” wheels, am I reading these post right that they will not fit because the center bore is smaller. My 79 620 is bigger. thanks
  4. Those are nice but jut not the look I want. Plus I’m on a budget (read cheap) lol
  5. Thanks for the help. Going to pass on the corvette rims and keep looking at 6 lug that will fit
  6. Ok, I understand. Now most everything I find in 6 lug are still 8; 8.5 in wide and 15” is this still a problem?
  7. Hi all, worked some on the truck between chemo. Made some patches for the rusted doglegs on the front fenders and filler panels for the taillight housings. Good friend welded them up for me. Decided on led lights for a change, small and simple. Be glad when it warms up so I can get back on it. Chemo takes so much energy out of you, can’t deal with the cold.
  8. Looked at the wheel topics but seems that thread is not used. So that being said, like some input. Have access to some mid 80’s corvette rims that I like, which are high positive offset. But by the time I use the 6 to 5 lug 2” thick adapters I’m back to almost zero offset. Question being has anyone used a similar set up and and problems with using 8.5 wide rims on the front of their 620?
  9. Time Left: 12 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Cleaned and freshened up


    Kingsport , Tennessee - US

  10. Time Left: 12 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Sorry wrong area. Dash gauge cluster 85.00 plus actual postage


    Kingsport , Tennessee - US

  11. afternoon all. first week of chemo kicked my butt. first days not so bad but 4,5, and 6 thought I was going to die. moving around some today so thought I'd ask a question. Has anybody here relocated brake lights to their tailgate? I have a set of round C4 corvette tail lights and was thinking of using them low in the tailgate. one each side with a smaller round to the inside. Kind of like the Nissan Skyline had. Thanks all
  12. Hi all, first chemotherapy today, so far so good. No nausea but next few day will tell. Hope to work on small things as I feel like it. thanks for the wishes and prayers. Having inserts I made tig welded into place want different look on the rear for tail lights and center exhaust. Want to build a front spoiler also not sure of look yet. Thinking rally look with large center lights.
  13. Very true went from fine last year to stage 4 this year. So all you guys stay up on things, only sign I had was hard to urinate. Off to MD Anderson cancer center I go. Be safe guys, happy new year
  14. Won’t be posting for a while, truck on hold. Diagnosed with stage 4 prostrate cancer. Take care guys and do you yearly screening, came on me in one year.
  15. Are there any other modifications I need to do to the motor, different timing chain, guides and such. Any one ever used offset keys for the am to advance timing? thanks for your help datzenmike
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