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A few things here. I'm a total greenhorn on working on carbs. Sorry in advance...


To get the truck to start, you have to crank it for 4-6 seconds. Is this normal? My efi subaru turns right over in 1 maybe 2 cycles.


What do I look into to resolve this if it's not normal.


Truck has a weber carb. How do you operate the choke? I have pushed the gas pedal to the floor and released it, but there is no change in starting behavior. Only tried when cold out or at high altitude (10,000 ft).


What is the high rev or fast start thing? When I get my truck started at altitude or in the cold it has to crank for 10 seconds, then I have to manually feed it extra for about a minute - else she wont stay on.



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Do you have manual or electric choke????



Depress and hold gas pedal down. Pull out choke lever. Release gas pedal and start. If very cold pump gas 2-3 times and hold.



When dead cold take the top of the air filter so you can see the choke. Depress the gas pedal once and you should see the choke flap close. If very cold pump gas 2-3 times and start.

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If the Weber has been on for awhile the electric choke is likely not what it used to be and coming off too soon, a new one is a few dollars and a video on replacing/troubleshooting on my YouTube. Make sure to check for voltage.


I have never driven an EFI vehicle that starts as fast as my carbed 720, and nothing cold starts easier than my Edelbrock SBC

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