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gauging interest

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Hainz posted he was going to drive to woodinville to drop off 3 stock rims to go with the other guy's 5 he's trying to give away....tonite for free!

maybe he should save himself some gas and drop them off at your place...:)

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I'd be interested except I already HAVE a set of 13x8 4-lug slot mags and they're way too frakking wide. I need 6.5". Can't get tires to fit that don't look like Mexican hoopty wheel tires (think 10" Daytons with 205 width tires). That's why I have 13x6.5 ARE-clone Vectors on my '78 (I have 7 of them, missing one to make 2 sets. Think "General Lee", except in 13" 4-lug and no paint left). The stock Nissan mags off my '81 were 5.5" wide I think (gotta look).


I'm putting my 6-lug 14" Slots on my 520. I blew a belt on the way to Canby and all 4 tires are weatherchecked, the mags all have decent tires on 'em. But damn, those mag wheel nuts are expensive. $7 a 4-pack, and I need 6 packs! I have loads of metric mag nuts but no 7/16" ones.

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