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1966 Datsun 411 brake master cylinder issues


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The old car has been sitting a few years. It has stock drum brakes and single reservoir master cylinders.


I was trying to remove and  clean the MC and noticed the outlet line hex nut coupling was stripped, someone had used pliers to attach it. The head was rounded off with "tooth marks" all over it. When I grabbed and twisted with my pliers, the entire coupling broke off, leaving half of the threaded coupling sheared off in the master cylinder.


The NABCO 7/8 cylinder uses a large iron adapter that screws in from the side. Then the small line coupling threads into the larger iron fitting.


I would like to find a replacement master cylinder. Or possibly a replacement for the iron adapter as the old cylinder does not look too bad.


I will post/add photos later that will show the problem.


Thanks for any help

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I'm not sure if we've been in contact already.  I've been getting a lot of emails about 410/411 stuff lately.  If anything, this may help someone else reading your post.


Here's a link to pg 6 of a build thread I did years ago.  Just past half way down, you'll find some info about putting a dual reservoir m/c in.  





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I previously posted a JDM master cylinder for the RL411 that just may be your answer.  It is listed as for the JDM 1500cc roadster with the  warning that the outlet is on the "wrong side" which makes it perfect for export roadsters and 410/411 sedans.  Search this site for the discussion and supplier / part number.  It isn't cheap but will last a lifetime.  It comes in a NISSAN box.

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