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  1. still trying to post photos. cannot find any option to upload photo from my old pc. I am running firefox browser which may interfere. Also tried IE which really did not want to work at all for anything.
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    need some odds/ends. 1. Hood release cable pull grip - our's shattered. 2. Choke cable knob - also crumbled on our car. 3. inside rear view mirror - our glass is broken. 4. brake master cylinder for parts only - ours got stripped. 5. inside door handles, window cranks - ours are ugly thank you, I hope this advert works


    driftwood, Texas - US

  3. The old car has been sitting a few years. It has stock drum brakes and single reservoir master cylinders. I was trying to remove and clean the MC and noticed the outlet line hex nut coupling was stripped, someone had used pliers to attach it. The head was rounded off with "tooth marks" all over it. When I grabbed and twisted with my pliers, the entire coupling broke off, leaving half of the threaded coupling sheared off in the master cylinder. The NABCO 7/8 cylinder uses a large iron adapter that screws in from the side. Then the small line coupling threads into the la
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