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Datsunville Daily driver Bamboo turbo coupe

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Yeah. 7 gallons just won't do it. If you're driving hard, you'll burn through that in no time in a turbo engine. I use about 4 gallons of fuel during a 15-20min track session. Turbo motors are thirsty.

I'd like more capacity than the 10 gallon stock fuel tank, but it works well enough. My set up is just a Z31 fuel pump assembly grafted into the stock tank. Sadly, I put mine in the middle of the tank instead of off to the left side like many SR20 guys do.


The Z31 has hard lines, so AN fittings have been used to adapt to my fuel lines.


Standard Walboro 255lph pump. I think this is for an S13, but it might be a DSM unit. I don't recall.


This is the "fuel bowl" from the Z31. It helps reduce fuel slosh and helps to keep the fuel pump submerged in fuel.


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23 hours ago, iceman510 said:

Not a DSM unit.

I'm not sure what this is referring to, but the fuel setup I'm using is all Z31 300ZX except for the pump. I can't remember if it's Walboro for an S chassis or if it was a DSM unit. Mostly it just refers to where the pickup and send ports are at. All of the Walboro units, and nearly every other pump this shape, are the same except for the port locations.

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Jeff, I think I misinterpreted your post comment about the fuel pump itself.  I took it as you were referring to the tank unit that holds the pump.  Seeing your new comment and re-reading the earlier post, it makes sense.

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