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Infinity M30 strut caliper adapters

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First time posting. I have Infinity M30 struts that I am looking to use as a upgrade to my old Datsun Comp 510 struts. I have the Koni race strut inserts and made a spacer for the bottom of the strut so everything works so far. I was under the impression the M30 strut was the same as a 280ZX but about 1/2 inch shorter. Bought a big brake kit from T3 and found out the the caliper mounting holes are 100mm C to C and the 280ZX is 88 or 89 C to C. Does anyone know of a Nissan with a caliper that has a 100mm spacing. Really don't feel like making my own caliper adapter bracket if I can find one that is close and then modify. Thanks for any help.

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All later nissan car calipers match the bolt pattern you describe.  The M30 is a slight upgrade over 240sx, and bolts in place of 240sx.  Therefore, any upgrade that works for 240sx will work for your M30 struts.  However, because you are restricting yourself to one very specific rotor size, now in an application it wasn't intended, we have no idea.  Rotors have offsets, just like rims, so it isn't just diameter and thickness.  That rotor also has to align with center of the new caliper more or less.

Do yourself a favor, return or sell the T3 big brake kit, and source a brake kit that fits the 240sx.  If you are looking for multiple pistons, look at Z32 stuff, which is easily redrilled to 4 lug.  Or in the inverse, sell your M30 struts and buy the ZX struts instead.  

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Thanks for the info Lockleaf. Not having the 280zx struts to compare to the M30 I was relying on info in the forums. Wilwood makes 3 different offset hats for this rotor so I know I can get it to work. Just waiting for T3 to send me their hat which was on B/O for the kit. Will look into the 240sx and Z brake adapters.

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