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  1. Thanks for the info Lockleaf. Not having the 280zx struts to compare to the M30 I was relying on info in the forums. Wilwood makes 3 different offset hats for this rotor so I know I can get it to work. Just waiting for T3 to send me their hat which was on B/O for the kit. Will look into the 240sx and Z brake adapters.
  2. You are correct, it is the obvious choice. Problem is they will not work for a 11.75" x 1.25" rotor which came in the kit. The M30 caliper is a single piston floating style nor the kind I have to use.
  3. Hi First time posting. I have Infinity M30 struts that I am looking to use as a upgrade to my old Datsun Comp 510 struts. I have the Koni race strut inserts and made a spacer for the bottom of the strut so everything works so far. I was under the impression the M30 strut was the same as a 280ZX but about 1/2 inch shorter. Bought a big brake kit from T3 and found out the the caliper mounting holes are 100mm C to C and the 280ZX is 88 or 89 C to C. Does anyone know of a Nissan with a caliper that has a 100mm spacing. Really don't feel like making my own caliper adapter bracket if I can find
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