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Junkyard 720 w/o bed

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I ran across a 720 KC in a junkyard today and was wondering if it would be worth picking up.  It has the engine bay (Z24 and 5 speed tranny) drive train complete but lacks side windows and a rear window.  There is no title with this truck.  Any idea of the salvage value?

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They buy them cheap (some towed away for free) for a low initial investment on the assumption that someone will buy parts off it and get their money back + interest. Ultimately it's weight in scrap steel. Scrap prices see saw up and down so if it's down they may want to hang onto it till it goes up but on the other hand your offer would be instant profit. Find out what scrap cars are per ton and X 1.5 for a 720. Tell them it's 35 years old and not making them any money, you'll take it and they don't have to crush it or deal with selling it. 

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Find out the local scrap metal price, say $150 a ton. Offer $200 a ton on a 3,000 pound truck less the box? Tell him he doesn't have to crush it or haul to his buyer it's all profit. Don't listen to any bullshit, give him your number to call you, let ferment for a couple of weeks and call him to remind him of your offer and it's only good for today so don't bother calling back in 3 months it will be too late. 

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