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  1. When you removed the clutch was the flywheel oily?
  2. Looks like you need to remove and replace your master cylinder in order to clean the lines. I would remove the lines from the wheel cylinders for the first cleaning and clean them separately or just bite the bullet and replace with new after the lines are clean.
  3. Before you remove the master cylinder drain the master cylinder of old fluid and fill with break clean. Push the cleaner through the system. You may want to do this twice, and then disconnect the wheel cylinders to empty them if you plan to rebuild them. Disconnect all brake lines to let the cleaner evaporate and refill the cylinders with clean brake fluid. The cleaner in the brake lines needs several days to evaporate from the low areas.
  4. Mike, Your advice to me was to check the fan. That turned out to eliminate my 720 overheating problem.
  5. I have often wished I'd kept mine. I bought it for college transportation from a guy who was in the doodle bug club in town in 60. I ran it for about 3 months and the original engine began to knock. I called him and asked him to look at it and advise me on how to fix it. He asked me to get it to his fathers garage and he would see what could be wrong with it. I called two weeks later to find out what he found. He told me that it was fine and now running well. I found out later that he and his buddies had re-engined it with the larger Cushman motor and a larger centrifical clutch. That hummer would go 55 miles per hour. For the first year in college there was a gas war in town with gas at $014.9/gal. A fill cost me about 25 cents. I later sold it to another freshman (no cars allowed until junior year).
  6. If the intermitant pop Is random I would check the distributor for worn bushings. Our race car drove us nuts for 2 weeks trying to find this problem. If the distributor shaft wiggles re-bush.
  7. I have ordered the high pressure PS hose from RA. As soon s I can I will change the hose. I need to clean my shop to find the AC cannister and line to replace the one currently in the truck (bodged copper line for a connector). More questions later. Thanks for all of your excellent help!
  8. Mike, I stopped at my buddies place and had him put the pressure gauge on the PS pump. It turns out that the high pressure hose is leaking. Is the 86 an early or late model? According to RockAuto there are two versions of the hose.
  9. I have an 86 720 st that needs both of the above rebuilt or replaced. In addition I need to fix the blower control to give me more than the highest setting on the panel (5). If I place the lever in any other position the fan won't function. I would prefer to rebuild the original parts depending on how difficult that route would be. If any of you experts out there would let me know how successful the rebuild route has been I would greatly appreciate your comments and advice.
  10. Mike you could also get a 50 gallon water heater instead of the 10 gallon (circa 1940) you are using now. (:^l )
  11. Gee Mike, Based upon the attitudes of several folks on the forum, I think we ( normal) folks should gun up before we leave the house. A few are several bolts short of a tight seal.
  12. When I was in my teens, a Neighbor wanted to put a toilet in his basement but found that the normal toilet doesn't like to be below the outlet sewer pipe so put out a want to his service buddies and a few weeks later a box arrived with a surplus submarine toilet in it with a note saying "this is what you need - just make sure you follow the directions". He installed it and secured the instructions for use on the wall of the bathroom. His wife decided to have a garden club meeting in the finished basement. One of the ladies needed to use the facility but failed to read the instructions. She could not get off the toilet until the ems people could break the suction. It was substantial.
  13. If you plan to do steam bending start with green wood. It will bend much more easily than dried without splitting. Ship builders of yore used this process to form the ribs of ships that were quite heavy timbers, The jigs they used would start the bend after steaming, then a second jig was applied to continue the bend after a second steaming. The third jig would over bend after a third. When the rib dried out they removed the third jig and the timber would spring back slightly to the desired curve.
  14. Take the circlips off of the inside o9f the cups. Use two sockets, one larger than the outer diameter and one smaller than the cup. Use a vice to press the ujoint out one side at a time.
  15. Actually the solid bar will push as well as pull on flat ground.
  16. I did use square tube. Mine is 1" square.
  17. I don't have a picture but all you need is your bar ( round or square ) make plates to weld to the ends with the holes for your 2" or 2 1/2" ubolts. As I recall I used 1/4" plate 4" X 1" strips on my ends. My bar will fit both standard balls and also the construction hitch on my big truck with a change of ubolts. (_[==========]_) (_ is the ubolt [ is the plate (;>)
  18. You can make a tow bar by using 2" u bolts on the end of a 2" x 1" u channel. Need to weld the end piece to accept the ubolts. I hope your lawn tractor has a gear tranny and not the hydro static.
  19. Who might know where I can get a set of rocker panels for an 86 ST ?
  20. I had a similar problem with the bolts on my backhoe so I bought a 3/4 drive air impact and ran 3/8 air line just for that impact. It worked well on all but the 1 1/2" nuts. I had to extend my 3/4" breaker bar 6 feet to get the torque to break them loose!
  21. When I was in college a friend had a herald. Within a year the rust became very apparent but before it could do irreparable damage we totaled it in a police station. His father bought him another and we drilled about 30 holes in the body to let rain water drain. It lasted him another two years before the rust became an issue.
  22. A needle scaler will go through thin metal in a heart beat so be very careful. I only use mine on structural steel. I'd rather use a coarse flap sanding wheel on the body panels, moving constantly to prevent heat distortion.
  23. Hey yenpit, I think they already drained part of the swamp. ( multiple indictments! )
  24. Some early cars had a priming system that consisted of a cup and valve. On cold mornings you dripped a little gas into the priming cup, opened and closed the valve to let the gas into the cylinder grabbed the starter handle and she would fire right up. After the engine warmed up you could also add water to each cylinder to give the engine more power. Early 30's.
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