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Crush sleeve eliminator

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I have been on the hunt for info on crush sleeves on the H150 rear in my b210, and obviously I can't find a sleeve. But I'm also trying to figure out if it could be shimmed and reused as I've seen someone either on here or datsun1200 mention it. Either way, that's only a band aid fix. I don't like the crush sleeve idea in the first place. The 'murican cars can get crush sleeve eliminators to do away with them and just have a shim preload setup. Anyone looked into doing this? Looks like easy lathe work with the proper dimensions.



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I don't think anyone offers a solid pinion spacer for that diff. As you mentioned, you could shim the stock crush collar or have a machine shop make you a spacer. If you go with the machine shop option, make sure they know it has to be perfectly true. Even a couple thousandths could put a wobble in the pinion gear.

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