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No Hazard lights, Hazard relay questions

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On my 1969 510, the Hazard lights do not work. The turn signals work just fine, which is a separate flasher relay, and the running lights all work. I'm thinking it's either the flasher unit or the switch? The flasher unit is a lot easier to swap out, so I was going to try a NAPA Echlin ECH-MC23016 12V flasher as a replacement.


Anyone use that flasher before with good results?

Is it common for the Hazard switch to fail?


Just curious as I have been slowly working through the electrical gremlins in the car and am curious to other's knowledge and experience.



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Not usual to fail as they get very little use. Try switching the 4 way on and off 50 times to polish the contacts. Getting little use they might have a little corrosion.



Switch the turn with the 4 way flasher unit. If the 4 way unit is bad the turn signals will stop working and the 4 way will start.

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Tracing the wiring on a diagram for the Hazard flasher and switch and I found a device called a "T. S. P. L."? Anyone know what a TSPL is, or where to find it?


It could stand for Turn Signal Parking Lamp?


It appears to combine the turn signals left and right through a diode or relay? Not sure what it is?


All help appreciated!

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I ALWAYS replace both turn signal & hazard flasher units with heavy duty electronic flasher units........I use Novita #EL12 units, available at AutoZone etc.  The turn signal & hazard wiring runs THRU the turn signal switch on the steering column.  We find that the electrical contacts can easily be dirty etc with old congealed grease OR worn out/damaged, which could cause electrical issues like this.  We soak the electrical part of the turn signal switch in white vinegar for a day or two, then clean well, then check that the contacts are clean, not corroded or worn/damaged.  If good, use some dielectric grease on the contacts, lube up the moving parts & re-install!  Other issues are bad grounds etc.  Hope that helps!

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Great advice, Thanks!

I did get the Hazards working over the weekend. I noticed that the dome light worked once the car was started, which let me know I had a dirty chassis ground (car running=vibrating=ground contact) so I went and cleaned the major grounds and voila! the Hazards work and the dome light works. Now I need to find the correct location for the horn to mount and the underhood service light...

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As far as I know, all 510 horns mounted at the lower front of each side of the inner fender wells.  There should be two captive nuts per side there, for the OEM horn bracket.


PM me your email or text, I can send pics of my 69!



Denver CO

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