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77 710 front brakes sos


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My 77 710 goon's front brake calipers are toast. I have been searching for new calipers for the past few weeks with no luck. I only have one other issue to fix after this so I can take Kermit out for the summer. Please if you have any ideas or even know where I could get a set of calipers let me know. Thanks and happy driving!

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Toast? If just leaking can you instead find a rebuild kit for them. Seriously it's two square edged O rings and a couple of dust boots with metal rings and a new bleeder screw. I would guess about $15 a side. It's not rocket science as long as the old ones are not rusted inside you just need to get them clean. Try Nissan? (I looked up the Nissan price and $33 so $15-$20 is about right for auto parts suppliers)  

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Have you looked at rockauto.com remans - raybestos or cardone - under $50 including core.


If you're not fussy about brand - looks like Autozone has their Duralast calipers available.

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I've tried ordering the calipers from every source I know. This includes Autozone, O'Reilly's, Rockauto, even Summit racing. Apparently new calipers do not exist for the 77 710. I was hoping to avoid rebuilding them but that seems to be my only option at this point. Thank you for the input.

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Hey -- I'm in the same boat for my 76 710, I need front brake calipers ~ mines driveable and stoppable but they need to be done. Did you have any luck finding some??

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