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  1. 77kermit

    77 710 wagon, anyone ever seen one?

    Goodness it's been years since I updated this thread. So in the interest of keeping this short and sweet... Had to sell my wagon 3 years ago due to unfortunate circumstances. When I sold it I told the lady she could have it on one condition, that should she ever decide to part with it she had to call me first. Sure enough I got a phone call 2 wèeks ago and after selling my soul as well as anything else that wasn't bolted down today I went and picked up my old wagon. This is by far one of the happiest days of my life!
  2. 77kermit

    Number of 710 wagons left in existence

    1 is currently in my driveway☺. 1977 710 wagon is home again. Just picked it up today.
  3. 77kermit

    WTB 710 motor

    NWOleman: The guy supposedly rebuilt the entire motor from top to bottom, new rings, gaskets, etc. When he installed it though he did not seal the intake or exhaust manifolds properly and it took me quite a while to get them fixed. Also I had the carb rebuilt by a shop before it was installed. Since he couldn't get these relatively simple things done right I question how well he rebuilt the motor. Datzenmike: The cam timing could be the issue, I haven't checked that yet. Thanks. Dguy210: My car is registered in Washington. I'm only in California temporarily and don't want to go through the headache that is California Smog. Thanks for the input guys. I'll check the cam this weekend and see if that's the trouble.
  4. 77kermit

    WTB 710 motor

    My 1977 710 wagon needs some help. I had a guy rebuild the stock l20b as it was losing compression and water. He managed to get it back in the car and running, however now it runs erratically, sometimes good most of the time bad, and my mileage has dropped below that of a freagin' hummer. I need to find someone in the Sacramento-ish area who either has a motor they could swap into my car, or has the ability to diagnose what's wrong with mine. Ideally since I don't have to deal with smog I would like a tuned motor with some pep for my little goon. But I'd gladly take my little l20b to the moon and back (or at least to Washington to visit friends and family) if it was running right. Payment isn't an issue, the issue is that I don't have a place to do this work at my house. Therefore I ask for the help of my fellow ratsuners. I prefer bartering and have solid construction skills as well as furniture-making skills, nun-chuck skills, and stereo installation skills. I can work with part cash, all cash, or all barter, whatever floats your boat. Thanks.
  5. 77kermit

    For what it's worth

    I should have been more clear about the car. It has all the original smog equipment, and only 65,000 original miles on it. I had the engine rebuilt because some of the gaskets were dried out and failing. I also have receipts from when it was first bought up until today, as well as the original owners manual, sales brochure from 1977, and original tool kit and jack. The interior is the nicest unrestored datsun interior I've ever seen. The only signs of wear are a very small start of a tear in the drivers seat, and the crome detailing on the driver side door panel is peeling. I replaced the smog pump recently and can easily order anything else it might need through rockauto. In order to be smogged it would have to be fine tuned with a sniffer, other than that it should be good to go. It also has the non catalyst sticker under the hood as it was made for sale in washington, so no cat to deal with.
  6. 77kermit

    For what it's worth

    pm sent dr. frankenstein
  7. 77kermit

    For what it's worth

    I'm near Sacramento. I liked the 3500 number, not digging the 100 or less :P . I'd rather see it go to a good home, if someone on Ratsun made a serious offer that'd be ideal.
  8. 77kermit

    For what it's worth

    I hate to do it but it's time for me to consider selling my favorite car. The only problem is I have no idea what value to place on it, especially since I moved to California and it is not smogged as of yet. So I pose the question to you folks. The facts about the car: 1977 710 wagon, all original except for the exhaust (2 inch pipe and a straight shot muffler), rebuilt L20b, rebuilt original hitachi carb, very decent interior, perfectly uncracked dash, very nice original seats, everything works except the clock. It needs only to be fine tuned mechanically, and has new brakes all around and good tires. The bummer is that it needs a little body work (small rust repairs here and there) and a new paint job. It comes with two spare rear bumpers as the one that's on it was damaged in a fender bender. I know how much time and money I've put in the car, what I don't know is what a good starting price would be, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I know it'll fit in the cab as it's smaller than the stock one I have, never tried to mount it in a 521, but in my 620 it seemed to just barely clear the shiftknob, of course it was a custom shorty shifter and I never did try bolting it down and taking off, but I think it'd work, the 521 cab is roughly the same size as the 320 isn't it? To be honest I like this seat a lot and was planning to use it in my 320, so I can't see parting with it for anything less than $150, sorry if that's too high but they are hard to find and I waited a long time for it.
  10. to have ups ground ship it to reno would be about $30, if you're interested I also have another bench seat for a 320 (not notched) that is re-upholstered and in very nice shape, it would be a bit more spendy though
  11. here are pics of the tires and the truck they're on. Drfixit are you looking for a bench seat for the 521? or is this for another truck? here's the 33's here's the 225/75/15's And for fun a pic of the new beast :D
  12. 77kermit

    1980 720 parts

    not in a big hurry or anything, just trying to spiff up my truck and they're on my list, let me know when you have a set and how much and we can work something out :D
  13. 77kermit

    1980 720 parts

    by any chance do you have the rear taillight covers and assembly, and do you know if they'd fit an 82?

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