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280zx 5 Speed Swap into a 510 L16- Parts list, Etc...


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Apologize for the repeat question of a 5 speed swap into a L16. I have searched the forum and acquired a lot of information on the swap I just want to make sure I do this right the first time, so I do not have to repeat.

The 5 speed is from a 79-82 280zx.

I have purchased a troy ermish transmission mount/bracket.

Cut the new hole for the 5 speed shifter length

I will have the driveline cut and balanced by a local shop.


1. What I gathered from previous posts is that I keep/replace  the L16 transmission parts. I plan to replace the parts since I have the transmission out:  Parts- Throwout bearing, pressure plate, clutch disc, flywheel and rear oil seal. Is this correct?


2. Does anyone have a parts list with numbers or a kit number recommendation (auto zone, o'reilly rock auto, dealer) to replace the transmission parts from question 1.


3. Any other parts or recommendations for the swap.






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You don't need any of the L16 4 speed parts. It comes out..... the 5 speed goes in.


Keep the clutch arm and the collar* that holds the release bearing***, they are matched to your current clutch and pressure plate. You can replace the clutch disc, the pressure plate the release bearing*** and the pilot bushing**.


* The stock 510 release collar (30510-N1601) is intimately matched to the pressure plate (PP) so if you replace with an exact match you can re-use the one you have. Sometimes clutch kits are a generic match and a collar is provided because this clutch fits many applications other than a 510. This is ok as long as the collar matches the PP.


** The pilot bushing (32202-30000) is only $4 and cheap insurance. To remove the old one get a small bladed screwdriver and hammer 3 slits lengthwise and slip the pieces out. Don't worry they are made of soft bronze powder pressed into shape. Tap the new one in with hammer and piece of wood to protect it. Do NOT use grease on it, it's powdered bronze, very permeable and permanently lubricated.







*** Expect to spend $15-$20 for a good release bearing. (30502-14601) If this was easy to get at I would say sure get the $2.99 one from WallMart, but it isn't so don't cheap out on this part.



You can reuse the clutch slave, push rod, spring and dust boot on the 5 speed.


While the 5 speed is out I would replace the old output spline seal. (32136-U0100) Only $5 and again you don't want this leaking later and have to replace it with it in the car.


Pry old one out carefully with screwdriver.



Cover new one with block of wood then tap in carefully to seat it



Flywheels don't wear out and need replacing BUT they can get grooved from wear with the clutch disc. A machine shop can mill it down for $30- $50. If smooth and shiny sand with 80 grit emery cloth in a circular motion to break the glaze on it.



A zx transmission will only have a reverse light switch on it. If you are curious what you have. Mark the input and output splines, place in first gear and turn the input 20 times while counting the output spline turns....


5.5 turns .............. wide ratio '79 or '80 truck transmission. Will have switches other than the reverse lights, same as the '77-'78 620.

6.0 turns............... mid ratio '77-'78 280z, 77-78 620 truck, '77-'80 810 or first year only '79 280zx.

6.5 turns............... close ratio '80-'83 280zx. These both have the 0.773 and 0.074 over drive 5ths.


Don't worry if you were sold a truck transmission they are all the same strength.



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