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  1. L20B collar (N1600) on the left and L16 clutch collar on the right. Major difference
  2. Took about a day and half of bending, double flaring brakes lines and rerouting in the engine bay. 1000x better the 40 year old lines. Happy with results.
  3. @datzenmike Thanks for the info- Just order from Nissan and will do a local pickup in Oceanside.
  4. @datzenmike Looking at clutch kits for 79 620 pickup performance/high performance upgrade on rock auto- manufacturer is M-Pact. 1980 720 pickup clutch kits are the same part #s as the 79 620.
  5. @datzenmikeFRAM LMAO 🤣 I saw the FRAM oil filter when I picked up the motor and just laughed. The previous owner gave me a 6 bolt 225mm flywheel- Truck flywheel. Needs resurfacing though. And will need to order a new 225 mm Clutch kit. Will my current L16 collar work?
  6. After doing L18 research, parts availability and no history of the block, I ended up passing on the L18 and took a gamble on a L20B. It looks like everything is in decent shape for a 40 year old block, however I have not had chance to crack the head and timing chain cover. The previous owner purchased a package deal of engines and parts and the the only history he had on the L20B was the head was rebuilt. Can tell the a head rebuild by the cam shaft shims and the ports have been polished. Half of me is tempted to clean up the block, head replace the necessary parts from the L16 and get the 510 back on the road after 2 years in the garage. the other half -> the motor is out, a great time to deep dive into the motor, document what has been done and what needs to be done to get the motor in tip top shape.
  7. This went surprising well after a year of engine bay prep on weekends. Sure is coming together. I am sure glad that I organized all the disassembled bolts and nuts into a labeled plastic parts box. It would have been mind boggling if I didn't 🤪 . I ll wrapping up the suspension this week and start on the engine bay components.
  8. I’m going Thursday to inspect the block first before buying any pistons. But your probably right about ordering then a reply email to your order that the pistons are no longer available. I’ll update if I move forward on the L18
  9. 10 weekends of removing 50 years of oil, grease, dirt ,surface rust and metal corrosion from what seems to be a previous battery explosion. I finally finished the engine bay paint. Sprayed 4 coats of Primer Sealer. Sanded each primer coat with 220, 320 and 500 grit. Then did a final wet sanding with 600 grit. Sprayed 4 coats of Kasumi Green- Color code 554
  10. Excuse my ignorance about oversize pistons. I saw these pistons and rings listed on Rockauto for a 73' Datsun 610 1.8L. Are these correct?
  11. Also since the head has been removed, I can use my digital caliper to measure the each cylinder bore to see that it has the L18 engine 85.0 mm (3.35 in) cylinder bore.
  12. 1. I am going to look at an L18 engine block with crank and pistons this week. What stamps or markings do I need to investigate to determine whether the L18 motor is stock or has been rebuilt with new pistons or rings? I read somewhere if the motor has been rebuilt that the machinist shop who did the work would stamp the cylinder with 0.02 or 0.04. 2. Is there a complied list of interchangeable L16 and L18 parts? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated
  13. Technotoy tuning best bang for the buck. Very easy to do if you have any welding abilities and you have the desired struts(280z or 510).
  14. Danke!!! @Crashtd420 @datzenmike Ordered parts this morning.
  15. Apologize for the repeat question of a 5 speed swap into a L16. I have searched the forum and acquired a lot of information on the swap I just want to make sure I do this right the first time, so I do not have to repeat. The 5 speed is from a 79-82 280zx. I have purchased a troy ermish transmission mount/bracket. Cut the new hole for the 5 speed shifter length I will have the driveline cut and balanced by a local shop. 1. What I gathered from previous posts is that I keep/replace the L16 transmission parts. I plan to replace the parts since I have the transmission out: Parts- Throwout bearing, pressure plate, clutch disc, flywheel and rear oil seal. Is this correct? 2. Does anyone have a parts list with numbers or a kit number recommendation (auto zone, o'reilly rock auto, dealer) to replace the transmission parts from question 1. 3. Any other parts or recommendations for the swap. Thanks Doug
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