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Canby Headlights

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They are mine :) Guess I could have at least cleaned the bugs off my car before the car show.


Anyway they are BMW Ellipsoids. Trim the tabs off the back of the lights to make their shape more like a normal headlight. Next enlarge the hole in the back of the headlight bucket and mounting bracket so the BMW headlight will fit.


They are 5.25" so your stock retaining rings will, uh... retain them.


As far as the HID conversion.... that takes a little more doing.

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3-series I would guess. 1989-92 only?


The left headlight as you can tell is a projector housing. that is the low beam.

The other side is also BMW but you can use your factory high beam if you want... or Mercedes yellow fog light or other such creative setup.


The HID requires the proper HID bulb for that housing and the HID ballast.

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Yep just hit the little world siymble with the "c" and backwarys "c" then paste the link in it. Hit okay when your done, then the link will be pasted in the message box with part of it high lighted, just start typing and then hit "post quick reply" and your done :D

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and back to the subject.. hids are nice and bright :)


i gotta readjust the cutoff..


Yea sorry for getting off topic, but you know Oregonedime, youve been meaning to adjust the cutoff on those lights for a while now...:rolleyes:

are yours the BMW ones like Icehouses.. I remember seeing your thread about your lights on another forum but I cant get to it now.


nice house...

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this website would be your best friend, just dont get a HID "kit" if you search hard enough you just might find someones 510 with hid's ;) (not mine though)http://www.hidplanet.com/forums/index.php and read lots before you do anything..


the smileys are cooler lookin, and they have the city light feature, but im guessing theyre the same, besides the fact that the german ones are longer..


i paid alot less then 588$ too

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The "smiley" is a full Ecode light as opposed to the DOT light Green Bastard has. The Ecode light is MUCH better then a DOT light, my wife's Mitsubishi suffers DOT lights and I find them awful. I might add that DOT projectors are still better then DOT reflector lights.

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