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Not stranded!

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:) Ok, 1985 (yes I am old), I am flying down I-5 in Fife. The speed limit sign I saw was 90mph. Coming back from an old sports car store in Seattle after picking up my fender flares. The sun was out, the L20 screaming in my 1968 510. It quit, no spit, no sputter, No Nothing at all. Here is the cool part: At 90mph, had some momentum. Coasted to the next exit, the light was green. Coasted to old 99 and turned right-light was green. Out of the corner of my

beedy little eyes, I saw a parts store on the left. No traffic coming, coasted in, parked in front of the door. Popped the hood, Popped the distributor cap. Yep, points seized--At that time, the flares were more important than an electronic conversion. Went into the parts store, got points and condensor.

Installed, set gap with matchbook cover. Started, ran smooth. Went to the craft shop on Ft. Lewis, rivited on the flares, In the barracks and had a beer in hand by 1:00!! Total time lost, less than 1/2 hour.

-----Do that on a new car!!!!!!!


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I do have pictures (before the flares were put on). That was before digital cameras however. You will have to come by the house and see them!!



I will bring you the flat bed scanner :D


....anyone want a free flatbed scanner?


I will pick it up :D

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I will pick it up :D


alright! I think I have the cable for it... if not it requires an IEEE LPT cable. (I think, that's old skool stuff) and possibly a power supply. might be a 9v or 12v DC thing. common. Then you'll need to find a Twain driver online. Just use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to get the pics at that point. Think you can handle it? :)

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:cool: The red rocker ROCKS!!

Ice, we can take it around the block. I have done it before after working on it. We just have to pull into the garage fast and close the door. Every time I do take it out, cops show up afterward:eek:


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