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What truck will a sd22 nissan diesel fit in easiest


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My 1982 datsun 720 kingcab diesel late model 2x4 has rust holes in the frame and I just read in this forum that my sd22 engine won't fit into a gas model very easy because of the motor mounts and wiring harness but I am curious to know if there are any other pickups with a decent size box that will bolt right up to this engine and trans?

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Huh... I was hoping that it would bolt in a Nissan frontierlongbox but I guess not because they look too much like a Nissan navara that has that has that sought after shoe box back bumper some people tolerate in Australia just to get a sd25 diesel. Why can't they just make a truck with a box and a diesel 4 anymore?I can't find enough of these in Michigan anymore.

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Weld up the frame. My 620 was rusted through at the leaf springs. I had a shop bend up two 3 foot sections of U shaped 1/8" thick steel in a brake press. It slipped up and over the frame from underneath and I made two welding passes along the top seams. Had to make pie cuts to follow the bends but worked like a hot damn.

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I think that I might have to weld the frame or replace the frame but I'm not looking forward to what it costs after a yota pickup I did it to once but maybe this time I will just weld the back half of another truck onto it or something so that it has a more common box that is longer because the chopped s10 box that it has now doesn't fit the frame right. I am definitely not going to modify the oil pan.

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Your not talking about a 4wd truck, just put the engine transmission in and connect the transmission mount, then make an adapter plate for the diesel mounts.

You could also just cut your diesel mounts off the old rusted frame and weld them onto the gasser frame after you cut the gasser mounts off, this is the easiest, then put your diesel cab onto the chassis/frame, it will bolt right on as far as I know.

The 4wd 720 is the only one with a strange oil pan, a pan has to be made to drop a SD series diesel into a 720 here unless you can get one from another county that got 720 4wd diesels like Australia.


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