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Windshield replacement.


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Has anyone here ever replaced the windshield or back window on a B210 themselves?  I'm wondering if the brightwork trim in the gasket presents a problem.  Is it something you can easily just insert into the gasket before installing the gasket round the glass? 

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I have done the rear glass on my 1200 Coupe, it has the surround mouldings.  When installing mine, I put the rubber around the glass, installed the surround mouldings, and then installed the glass into the car.  The rubber will be more pliable before it is installed into the vehicle and I think you will find it difficult/frustrating to install the moulding into the rubber once it is installed.  Also, (and I have done this before) you risk the possibility of the metal cutting the rubber.  I used this same process on the back glass on my wagon.

I don't want to counter DM( cuz the dude has his poop in a group), but this is the process i have used on 1 1200 windhsield install, 1 rear 1200 window install, and 1 510 wagon rear hatch window install.

See who else chimes in on this before you decide how you want to do yours.  There will be several options I would imagine....use the one that you are most comfortable with and makes the most sense in your mind.

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Thanks Guys.  Yes KELMO, I was thinking along those lines: as hard as it is to remove those things, it must be near impossible to put them back in without tearing the rubber.  It makes sense to insert them between fitting the gasket to the glass and fitting the glass to the car...using soapy water (thanks datzenmike), and perhaps a pull-string in the groove to help.  That's the order the service manual seems to be suggesting, though the language of it is hard to parse.


It will still be a while before I take the glass out, but I'm looking to find as many things as I can to do myself in order to cut down the cost when it comes time to send her to the paintshop.  Those brightwork moldings were the one part of doing the windshield myself that I worried about, but after a bit of research, I think its definitely doable.

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