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Door Panel Skins

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Hey everyone,


I'm working on my Datsun right now, and it's almost driveable. However, some idiot that previously owned it had some big speaker system in the car, so they cut big holes in the door panel skins. I am trying to find new ones that can replace them, but I'm not having any luck. Does anyone know where I could get good/fair condition door panel skins?


Any help would be beneficial.


Thanks in advance

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Start with a want ad in the classifieds here. Also start a build thread post tons of pics, then talk about the issues in your thread. Someone May volunteer to sell you some.


Also see the junkyard thread in general discussion. You might see a parts car and be able to convince someone to pull those parts on your behalf.

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Don't know if this will help but i bought material from the fabric store.Vinyl looking stuff similar to the factory material.The only thing is it has no pattern like the factory stuff.Glued on with contact cement to a new door panel made of masonite.

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