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  1. do you have a hatchback??? I have a good passenger side one I can sell you... Please email at tbag1331@yahoo.com. I can send you pics...
  2. Mine was the same color and code was 305... Code was along front of engine bay on my car...
  3. Nice.... Love it!!! Customize one up and keep one original specs!!!! Just an idea...
  4. at a local guy in a wharehouse place.. We tried to match the paint as close as possible
  5. My 78 Datsun B210 hatchback might be up for grabs here soon in West Palm Beach, FL... Any interested parties??... Just testing the waters for now but i will post in the classified section here in the next month or so... Just a heads up...
  6. not for the east coast.... plus it has a CB radio...LOL. :thumbup:
  7. Great find... looks awesome.. Sounds like your keeping it original... If so good call.. Its too nice not too...
  8. Datsunocaster

    B210 Rollcall

    Maybe the D emblem?? Can you post a pic...
  9. Datsunocaster

    B210 Rollcall

    Hey B2Fresh, Whats that piece leaning behind your back seat.. Is it the back of the backseat coming apart or is it part of the panels that cover your spare tire???
  10. Datsunocaster

    B210 Rollcall

    Im in need of a nice front bumper.. Mine is straight but has rust on top ledge.. Looking for a nice one no rust so if you guys start moding your b210 keep me in mine for one of your front bumpers for my 78 B210.. Thanks,....
  11. Datsunocaster

    B210 Rollcall

    Looking good on the inside!!!
  12. Datsunocaster

    B210 Rollcall

    The back seats were really cool....
  13. Datsunocaster

    B210 Rollcall

    Let me see what else I have...The Brown B210 is a pic back in 89. It was my at the time girlfriends car and that's my brother with her in the pic.. the last pic was my 79 Subaru Brat I had before I got the Datsun I know have... Hope this holds you over.... ​ ​ ​ ​
  14. Datsunocaster

    B210 Rollcall

    Thanks.... Still working on shaping up the interior a bit....
  15. Datsunocaster

    B210 Rollcall

    More pics...Couple pics at the bottom was before body and paint.... ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
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