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Headliner re-install questions

I am putting the headliner back in. I lost the baggie that I had put the fittings into. I do not find I have any screws or bolts that appear to fit correctly. To take this photo, I have temporarily held the top cross piece in place with partially screwed in crude over sized screws.


Question #1 , What type and size of attachment fittings go here (the red arrows above)?


Question #2, I don’t have a photo I took before I took the headliner out and I am a bit perplexed as to the re-assembly. From the glue marks on the metal I assume the headliner edge glues to this crosspiece AND this crosspiece then goes on top of the headliner. I just don’t remember what this looked like. Is this metal edge supposed to show? Is there an interior appearance trim piece that is supposed to cover this piece? Or are the exposed heads of the attachment fittings supposed to show?


Question #3, Is it best to re-install the headliner at the front windshield first and then work back to the rear?


37706282224_d8e53fd085_b.jpgHeadliner question - 1 by Donald Broz, on Flickr


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Yes, I have the bows. Both bows and holes were numbered per Ratsun advice.


The car appears 100% stock with unaltered/replaced windshield. The head liner was glued to the underside of the curved metal piece.


Most important to me now is that I need to know how to attach the curved metal piece that has the seven holes. I could make a trim piece to cover screws (?), bolts (?), other (?).


It seemed to me that starting in front made sense. Thanks for the second.

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Thanks datzenmike. I just looked at the car again and I see what you mean about the piece being put in under the windshield. On closer inspection, I noticed that, yes, that piece should have been put between the body and the windshield and it wasn't. So I'll just have to make do; I'm not in a position to afford to replace the windshield. What are my alternative choices to attach that curved piece with the seven holes?

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I just took off the plastic cover with a light housing from a goon that covers the hinge aera in the back. I sent to a member here.




Don't know if this will help. There are several small screws that hold it on.


Now after looking I see yours is a 610, the stuff I took off was from a 510 sorry.

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I have a 710. I don't know what's up under it, afraid to remove and not get back on right. I don't think it looks like that though. I was flirting with the idea of just getting some black fabric and just gluing it onto what's there. I have several small tears and holes form loading cargo to cover.

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